Friday, February 13, 2009

I quit my job

I did it. I quit my job in October! I quit because I had finally had enough of the corporate garbage and being worked to death for little pay.

I decided that I would give my notice and look for something else. I had never had trouble finding another job, so of course I wouldn't now.

Have I told you what the word JOB really means? ...."Journey of the Broke".

If you plan to read what I am writing about, then get used to me throwing in something here and there. Random thoughts is what I call them and sometimes they lead to a whole new subject. But, let me get back to my story of finding another job.

Much to my dismay, the want ad section in the Sunday newspaper seemed a little thin to me. I found a few jobs to send my newly updated resume to and I was sure I would be called for some interviews, after all, look at the experience that I had.

Hmmm, checking my emails every day and making sure the phone is still working. Yep, the phone is working. Is there something wrong with my email? Nope, of course not....all full of junk as usual. But where are those responses wanting me to come in for an interview? Oh wait, here is one!

A rejection? Whhhhhhhaaaaaatttt!!! I was sent a rejection via email? What on earth is going on?

I go back to my resume to make sure that everything is correct. Hmm, looks fine to me. Well, what do they know.

Let's check Yahoo Hot Jobs and see what they have online. I think that is why there aren't many printed want ads in the paper, they are all using online ads now, yes, that is it.

Stay tuned for more of "As the World Changes".....

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